‘Think Twice Before You Act’ – Get Safe Online Campaign

Get Safe Online have today launched a campaign in partnership with various banks to warn the UK public about the dangers of ‘Social Engineering’. Reported figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau show that incidents of Social Engineering have risen by 21% in 12 months, therefore Get Safe Online, is urging people to ‘Think Twice Before You Act’ to stop more people falling victim.

Social engineering is a targeted type of scam where fraudsters manipulate their victims into sharing confidential information. This can happen through fake emails, phone calls, texts or posts frequently involves piecing together information from various sources such as social media and intercepted correspondence to appear convincing and trustworthy. The often complex nature of the attack makes it extremely difficult to spot a scam before it is too late.

As well as the website, the campaign includes a television advert, which you can also view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x_59av2sCU&feature=youtu.be

See our locally produced campaign flyer and poster below: