Domestic Abuse: Help and support during Covid-19 outbreak

Reports from other countries have shown that incidents of domestic abuse increased significantly following the outbreak, and this is already visible in our national services. It’s more important than ever that Oxfordshire residents have access to information and support. 

Attached are two information sheets to be shared as widely as possible.

Help and support during the Covid-19 outbreak
This provides information around a range of help and support services, including specialist domestic abuse services, mental health support, and parenting. This is to be included in deliveries and care packages wherever possible, and in any contact we might have through services and volunteers. Please do also share this digitally and on social media. This document is available on the Reducing the Risk website here.

Relationship help and support during the Covid-19 outbreak

This document provides information about domestic abuse and routes to specialist support across Oxfordshire. This document is to be shared only when it is safe to do soFor example broadly across social media, or in direct contact only when somebody experiencing abuse has the opportunity to keep this information hidden from the person or people causing them harm. If perpetrators of domestic abuse are aware of this information the risk (of serious harm and homicide) can increase significantly. However, safely getting this information to those that need it has the potential to save lives. This document is available on the Reducing the Risk website here.

Please do share these across your organisation and networks. All info, including guidance on how to share is available to access on the Reducing the Risk website here.