The Work of the Board During COVID-19 and Learning Disability Deaths

During the current COVID-19 crisis, the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board has continued to function as before with minimal disruption to our work. Our meetings have moved to a virtual format, our face-to-face training is now offered as in an e-learning alternative and we have continued to receive referrals for Safeguarding Adult Reviews.

As part of this business-as-usual approach, the Vulnerable Adults Mortality (VAM) Subgroup has continued to oversee the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) process. There has been a lot of national press coverage on the deaths of people with a learning disability and as such the Chair of the VAM Subgroup has written a statement relating to the LeDeR process in Oxfordshire and how it has continued during the current crisis. The statement can be accessed here: LeDeR Statement and an easy read version is available here: LeDeR Statement – Easy Read Version.

The OSAB recognises that all staff in Health and Care are working really hard during this pandemic and doing great work to support vulnerable people and to try to keep them safe. We want to continue to support that in every way we can by ensuring the Safeguarding work continues to be at the heart of all agencies’ work with vulnerable people in Oxfordshire.