Multi-agency Procedures

Joint Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Multi-agency Safeguarding Policy – March 2018

Multi-agency working is key to safeguarding those most at risk within the community. Underpinning this must be strong multi-agency procedures to which all professionals are expected to work. This page contains the procedures for professionals in Oxfordshire. As the Policy & Procedures subgroup agrees procedures they will be published on this page.

OSAB Thresholds Document

The OSAB Threshold of Accessing Safeguarding Services (Thresholds of Needs) Matrix – December 2018  provides guidance for professionals and service users, to clarify the circumstances in which the Adult Safeguarding Service should be contacted.

Threshold Document for Common Safeguarding Issues

In response to requests from professionals, the OSAB has produced focused thresholds documents for common safeguarding issues. The guidance documents are simple two-sided threshold matrices to help professionals understand whether what they are seeing constitutes a safeguarding issue or not.

Pressure Ulcers: Common safeguarding issues – Pressure Ulcers Guidance

Medication Errors: Common safeguarding issues – Medication Errors Guidance

Trips and Falls: Common safeguarding issues – Trips and Falls Guidance

Incidents between residents/clients: Incidents involving another person with care support needs June18

Other OSAB Procedures

  • Procedure for adults who don’t engage or don’t meet criteria – this policy covers the process for agencies when attempting to work with a person where there are concerns for their safety and they either won’t engage with services or falls below the thresholds for accessing services.
  • Allegations against staff and volunteers – May 2018 – this policy covers the minimum expectations on organisations in Oxfordshire when there are allegations made against a member of staff or a volunteer. This is an overarching policy and does not replace the individual organisation’s responsibility to have a policy regarding allegations management.
  • Oxfordshire Self-neglect Protocol– the protocol covers the expectation on agencies should they encounter an adult with care and support needs who is failing to meet their own basic needs and is putting themselves or neighbours at imminent risk of harm.
  • Modern Slavery Protocol – Sept 16 – the protocol covers the expectations on agencies should they encounter a known or suspected case of an adult with care and support needs being forced, coerced into providing labour or services.
  • Oxfordshire Hoarding Protocol – Dec 2016 – sets of the procedure to follow when professionals are working with someone who hoards.
  • OSAB Information Sharing Protocol – May 2018 – sets out the information sharing expectations on agencies working within Oxfordshire.

Other National Procedures/Guidance

  • Pressure Ulcers and the interface with a Safeguarding Enquiry – This is the Department of Health & Social Care guidance with the aim of assisting practitioners and managers across health and care organisations to provide caring, speedy and appropriate responses to individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers.