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Policy and Procedures Subgroup


To oversee the development, implementation and review of local policies and procedures for the protection of vulnerable adults ensuring:

  • that the abuse of vulnerable adults is identified where it is occurring;
  • there is a clear reporting pathway;
  • there is an effective and coordinated response to abuse where it is occurring;
  • the needs and wishes of the vulnerable adult are central to the adult protection process.


  • developing and agreeing local policies and procedures for inter-agency work to protect vulnerable adults, within the national framework provided by No Secrets (Department of Health, 2000).
  • ensuring that there is a level of agreement and understanding across agencies about operational definitions and thresholds for intervention
  • improving local ways of working in the light of knowledge gained through national and local experience and research, and to make sure that any lessons learned are shared, understood, and acted upon
  • ensuring compliance with formal government requirements.


Training Subgroup


To provide a comprehensive multi agency training programme to support single agency training in the areas of prevention, recognition and responsiveness to abuse and neglect.


  • To support the implementation and monitoring of the Safeguarding Adults training strategy as agreed by the Safeguarding Adults Board.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of Safeguarding Adults learning training and development activities with regard to the transfer of learning into practice.
  • To develop mechanisms to quality assure the delivery of Safeguarding Adults training.
  • To identify future learning opportunities that will support the safeguarding agenda as identified by the Safeguarding Adults Board.
  • To assist the Safeguarding Adults Board in producing the training section of its annual report.
  • Agency representatives on the Sub Group will be responsible for ensuring the completion of training needs analysis and training audits for their agencies.
  • Agency representatives on the Sub Group will be responsible for monitoring compliance/non compliance within their agency and reporting the results to the Sub Group.


Safeguarding Adult Reviews Subgroup


The purpose of the Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR) subgroup is to make recommendations to the OSAB chair and to manage the SAR process in accordance with the OSAB protocol for safeguarding adult reviews.


  • To consider cases whether a case might meet the criteria for a SAR.
  • To appoint an Independent Chair if it is decided a SAR will take place.
  • To recommend the scope and terms of reference for the review. These recommendations should be forwarded to the Chair of the OSAB, who has ultimate responsibility for deciding whether to conduct a SAR.

In addition to consider:

  • How the SAR terms of reference and processes fit in with those for other types of reviews – for example, for homicide, mental health or prisons.
  • How the review process takes account of and links with a coroner’s inquiry, any criminal investigations (if relevant), family or other civil court proceedings related to the case and to ensure that relevant information can be shared without incurring significant delay in the review process.
  • How should any family, public and media interest be managed before, during and after the SAR? In particular, the process by which family members will be invited to contribute to and/or be informed of the findings of the SAR.


  • To support the Independent chair in managing and overseeing the SAR process to ensure the SAR is undertaken in accordance with this local guidance.
  • Ensure that learning from SUI’s, SIRI’s and partnership reviews are disseminated through the OSAB.
  • To consider reports of safeguarding adult reviews from other counties, where there might be local learning, and make recommendations to OSAB.