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These toolkits are designed to offer guidance and knowledge relating to a variety of themes or processes that professionals may encounter when working with adults with care and support needs.

The toolkits can be used by individuals or as a team to improve practice.






This toolkit is designed to provide advice for any professionals who may encounter adults who are expressing or intending to act upon suicidal thoughts. The guidance covers how to manage these conversations and respond appropriately in a variety of settings, including in the workplace, over the phone, working from home and during home visits.

Professionals should note that service areas/organisations may have their own protocols for handling these calls and should ensure they are familiar with these.

Accurate and timely safeguarding referrals are a  key part of keeping adults with care and support needs, safe. This toolkit aims to provide professionals with information on what to include in an adult safeguarding referral in order to support effective and timely practice across all agencies.

It can be easy to forget our own wellbeing when supporting others, whether that is within our day-to-day work or when caring for loved ones. However, practicing self-care is an integral part of maintaining our own wellbeing so that we can continue to provide support for those we look after.

This toolkit is intended to share knowledge about secondary trauma and the tools to help maintain our own wellbeing when safeguarding others.

Below is the Well-being Action Plan which you can also find the link to within the toolkit.

Wellbeing Action Plan

Posters & Leaflets

The OSAB Posters have been designed to be displayed in public spaces and workplaces, in order to raise awareness of adult safeguarding issues, and what to do in the first instance.

The OSAB Leaflets are designed to raise awareness of abuse and neglect of adults with care and support needs, and how to gain support. There is a leaflet for staff and volunteers, and another for members of the public.

Please print off the posters & leaflets, displaying them on noticeboards throughout your setting and as widely as possible.


NB  All workplace posters have a space for the Safeguarding Lead’s details to be added.