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Multi-Agency Risk Management (MARM) Framework

The MARM Framework is designed to support anyone working with an adult where there is a high level of risk and the circumstances sit outside the statutory adult safeguarding framework, but where a multi-agency approach would be beneficial.

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It enables a proactive approach which helps to identify and respond to risks before crisis point is reached.  The referring organisation should have attempted all they can to reduce or minimise risk prior to referring to MARM.  If risks remain, the organisation can then refer the case for discussion at a MARM meeting, which is designed to enable a collaborative, coordinated and multi-agency response to risks ensuring timely information sharing, a holistic assessment of risk and the development of multi-agency risk plans.

The framework does not replace single agency risk management arrangements or pre-existing multi-agency case discussion processes (such as MDT meetings, MARAC, MAPPA, etc) and instead seeks to support case discussion where no multi-agency case discussion and risk management process exists.

The following action(s) should be undertaken prior to submitting a MARM referral.

  • Professionals should refer to the MARM flowchart which is designed to act as a guide when considering whether a referral needs to be made to the MARM process, to safeguarding adult procedures, or to a more proportionate multi-agency process (for example, care review, family conference, Care Programme Approach review) in order to respond to a person’s presenting circumstances and risks.
  • If the MARM flowchart states a safeguarding concern should be raised, and you require further information please refer to OSAB Understanding Safeguarding (Thresholds Matrix) – January 2021 which is designed to act as a guide when considering if, and when, a formal safeguarding concern should be raised.
  • To raise a safeguarding concern as a professional, please follow the link Raising a Safeguarding concern form
  • To submit a MARM referral, please follow the link MARM referral form v5


Please click the following link to access the MARM Framework (THE FRAMEWORK IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO BEING UPDATED)